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Remembering Trugoy

Trugoy Tribute Software box 300 dpi.png

David Jue Jolicoeur, better known as Trugoy the Dove of the legendary hip hop group De La Soul was the epitome of originality, warm-hearted, and imaginative. Also known as Plug Two or just simply Dave, his work was often lighthearted, witty, and full of inside jokes.  To put it in perspective, the man named himself after yogurt and made it cool.  Even among the Native Tongues collective he was just different and wore it with confidence.  Though Dave just missed the victory of De La Soul’s catalog being finally made available on streaming services, we know he is looking down proud.  The number of DJs that have requested us to produce a tribute pack for him has been overwhelming.  Getting these done in a timely manner and more importantly as respectfully as possible has always been a priority.  This is a free download.  Through you – The DJs – the legacy of Plug Two will live forever.  RIP Trugoy the Dove.



Official DJ Drops

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