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Remembering Takeoff

Takeoff Tribute Pack free 300 dpi.png

Together we mourn the tragic loss of Kirshnik Khari Ball, known to the world as Takeoff. One third of the biggest chart topping hip hop group of this era, Migos, he became the underdog superstar of the collective. The youngest member of the trio, he showed maturity in his bars and the way he carried himself; an enigmatic man, to say the least.  Before his own album, as a group, Migos had already amassed three Top Two albums, four Top 10 singles, and two Grammy nominations — he was already a remarkable talent with an incredible future cut way too soon. The number of DJs that have requested us to produce a tribute pack for him has been overwhelming. Getting these done in a timely manner and more importantly as respectfully as possible has always been priority. This is a free download. Through you — the DJs — the legacy of Takeoff will live forever. RIP Takeoff.



Official DJ Drops

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