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Remembering Tina

Tina Turner Tribute Pack 5 300 dpi.png

The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll.  An icon of icons.  With a career spanning over six decades, twelve Grammy awards, and over 200 million albums sold worldwide, Tina Turner was indeed “Simply The Best.”  Her influence on rock, R&B, and soul singing and performance was immeasurable.  Her delivery influenced everyone from Mick Jagger to Beyonce.  The raspy-voiced fireball overcame domestic abuse and industry ambivalence to emerge as one of rock and soul’s brassiest, most rousing and most inspirational performers.  The number of DJs that have requested us to produce a tribute pack for her has been overwhelming.  Getting these done in a timely manner and more importantly as respectfully as possible has always been a priority.  This is a free download.  Through you – The DJs – the legacy of Tina Turner will live forever.  RIP Tina.



Official DJ Drops

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